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The Moon connects with power planet Pluto in Earth sign Capricorn at AM, encouraging us to stay strong and to overcome the obstacles in our way.

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  6. Libra Horoscope tomorrow October 9 .

The Moon is in fellow Earth sign Taurus today, putting you in a flirtatious mood. The Moon is in Taurus, illuminating the home and family sector of your chart.

The moon enters Capricorn today.

The Moon is in Taurus today, lighting up the communication sector of your chart. Exciting ideas are in the air.

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But today the Moon is in Taurus, finding you reflecting on themes around security, finances, and self-worth. The Moon is in your sign today, Taurus! Open yourself up to seeing things from a new perspective. You're knocking items off your to-do list with ease.

The moon enters fellow earth sign Capricorn, inspiring you to travel; you're craving adventure and a new outlook. Excitement is in the air: You're ready to party and a passionate energy flows in your love life as action planet Mars enters fellow air sign Libra!

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The moon enters Capricorn, finding you exploring some deep emotions. Intimacy is on your mind.

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Action planet Mars enters lovely air sign Libra, inspiring you to get work done at home—this is a fantastic time to channel your energy into redecorating or rearranging your space. On an emotional level, it's an important time to reflect on your boundaries at home.

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The moon enters Capricorn, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart and inspiring you to connect with your partners. Warrior planet Mars enters Libra, bringing a boost of energy to the communication sector of your chart. Watch out for sharp words, but you can harness this energy to get lots of paperwork and negotiating done. The moon enters Capricorn, helping you tackle your to-do list.

You're energized to tackle issues concerning your finances as action planet Mars enters Libra. You're also in the mood to have fun today: The moon enters fellow earth sign Capricorn, urging you to enjoy life and indulge in pleasure.

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